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Please tell your sister I am converted to her product! I used it today on clothes (David’s dress shirts) that I had washed previously with Tide and Borax and they still smelled, and one wash with her detergent and they are CLEAN
— Jude H., Lincoln University, PA
This is Ivey…I bought some soap pills from you at the Organic Festival a few weeks ago! THEY ROCK!
— Ivey S., Greer, SC
I am now your biggest fan!! I can not stop talking about your product after trying it over the weekend. At first, I didn’t think it was doing anything after putting 3 in a large dark heavy load of dirty farm clothes. When the items came out of the wash, everything was clean and smelled fresh. I plan to send some to my daughter that works with the fishing businesses. I am also going to have my friend try the laundry pills on her husband’s dirty clothes that owns a auto shop.
— Teresa B., Franklin, NC
I am a costumer for several community theatres and local schools. When plays are running, the amount of laundry I have to do is phenomenal. As much as I love my actors, they get to smelling pretty ripe during the process. I also have worked with several actors who have severe sensitivity to laundry products and I have to be careful with their garments. The laundry pills are AMAZING!!! The smells are gone and I haven’t had one single issue with allergic reactions. You’ve got a fan for life.
— Renee H., Asheville, NC
You have made quite a name for yourself here~ people are talking about your products as you are so unique and what can you say when a supplier can educate our community on the benefits of cleaning holistically!  You have a gift and I feel honored to have you here.
— Dianne S., YMCA Healthy Living Coordinator, Woodfin, NC
Laundry is fun, thanks to these pills. And the only side effect is clean clothes!
— Heidi V., Asheville, NC
We love your laundry pills! So nice not to ever have to buy the big jugs of heavy detergent!
— Tena M. Asheville, NC
My cat peed in my daughters book bag. These magical laundry pills took the smell out in one wash!!!! One wash!!!!!!! Unbelievable, truly unbelievable.
— Kelley W., Asheville, NC
Just want to share my laundry pill experience  (that sounds so funny) I was next to Shecology at a tailgate market, and as I was listening to facts about the product I became curious. I own  a small yoga studio with lots of hot sweaty towels for laundry. I have used... every product, some eco-friendly, some not ( yes, even vinegar, bleach, oxyclean, tide sport). I was frustrated when I put my nose to a clean towel and it had that “funky stale laundry” smell. I also have boys that wrestle , ewe. SO I tried the laundry pills... Wooo hoo I am amazed at how all smells are gone, even from washing machine. I was so impressed that I actually returned my store bought laundry detergent. I am Nuts for soap nuts. Thank you Mari. Everyone needs to give them a try!
— Donna H., Weaverville, NC
We have a kennel free dog boarding facility and needless to say we have laundry going all day long. Shecology laundry pills are the only thing we have ever found that completely removes the urine smell from our towels blankets and clean up rags. When I used to use regular laundry detergent we could still smell a little bit of the urine even after putting them on an extra sanitary cycle. Now, I can put it on a regular wash cycle drop four laundry pills in the wash and be done with it.  Shecology Laundry Pills are truly amazing.
— Robert G., Almost Home Pet Farm, Elmwood, TN
I love Shecology Laundry Pills. Being an environmental company we appreciate that Shecology Laundry Pills don’t contribute to water pollution and if more people used them it would keep millions of pounds of plastic out of our landfills and oceans. I know if you have have been using regular liquid or powdered detergent it just doesn’t seem possible that 4 little pills can get a big load clean but they do. We use them for our personal and business laundry everyday and we will never go back to regular detergent!
— Rita H., Farm Dog, Elmwood, TN
Shecology’s Laundry Pills are amazing, all natural and make laundry a breeze! Packaging is great, customer service is wonderful and the product is something I can’t live without! Support local small businesses and give these GREAT products a try, you won’t be disappointed!
— Mandy V. Charleston, SC
OMG...opened my husband’s nightstand and the stink knocked me over! He’s been wearing two wrist braces for two years & apparently never washed them!! But, no problem....took one Mother’s Little Helper Laundry Pill, dumped it into a hot bucket of water and soaked those nasty braces for one hour and WOW no more smell. And the husband put them on and actually said, “hmmmm, these smell so good. those things really work!
— Cindi R. Stratford, CT
This is great stuff!! I’ve used the pills exclusively now for about 8 months My clothes come out clean, smelling fresh and feeling soft. It’s also a good feeling knowing this stuff does not harm the environment. No way I’m ever going back to commercial detergents.
— Jeff L. Marshall, NC
Earlier this year I was doing a food pick up for a friends party at their house. Since my car was not big enough I borrowed my mother’s minivan in order to fit all of the food. Instead of putting the food in the trunk I thought it would be safer in between the middle seats where I could keep an eye on it as I drove. Little did I know as I was driving home the Chicken Marsala (which they had put extra sauce in) was spilling all over the floor. When I got to the house I delivered the food not knowing there was anything wrong until I got back into the car to drive home. The car still smelled very strongly of Chicken Marsala. When I returned home I found the spill in the back of the car and immediately panicked. After several tries of removing the smell and stain from the floor and carpet with another product, my mom suggested that we try dissolving the Mother’s Little Helpers [Laundry Pills] in some warm water and let it soak. We also poured a small amount onto the floor of the car. By the next morning the smell and stain were gone! Which was great for me so my parents wouldn’t be mad at me :-) Thanks again!
— Elizabeth A. Sharon, MA
“I love, love, love the laundry pills. Not only do they gently get my clothes clean (and I like to take care of my clothes), I haven’t needed to use dryer softener sheets since I started using them and I know I’m helping care for the environment. But they’re handy, too. I do my laundry in my complex laundry room and they’re easy to carry, just toss a couple on top of the laundry and there’s no mess or spill potential. I also love the dog soap, I’ve used it to get stink out of other things, too. And I use the bath soap, which reminds me, I need to order more. All good stuff, made by a good person.”
— Janice S. Everett, WA
These are so easy to use, and everything comes out smelling so fresh!
— Myra W. Bainbridge, GA
First time user of your products it does not remove the pine pitch from clothes , although when the clothes come out of the dryer they smell fresh and clean. Thank you for you thoughtfulness by not using harsh chemicals , Mother Nature and I love you for your care.
— LaRue H. Mars Hill, NC
Mother’s Little Helper laundry capsules do an amazing job! I had a wet “dog” towel that somehow got lost in the bottom of our deck box. Needless to say, in the hot box, the mildew and stench was the worst! Not thinking, I went for the bleach, hot water and hang to dry in the bright sun method...which did NOT work. The smell was deep in the towel; and then I remembered the sample of Mother’s Little Helper capsules. Three, yes, THREE capsules later and the towel smelled fresh as a daisy. Thank you for bringing this ecologically, economical laundry product to the market!!
— Cindi R. Stratford, CT
I must mention that 3 pills in a large load took out even caked mud in the hem of my jeans from hiking. And no static from the dryer.
— Gonzales S. Asheville, NC
I had the hardest time finding a product that would clean the grout on my tile floor. Soap nuts do the trick. I just spray some on the grout; let stand for a few minutes and then mop as usual. Looks like new. I also use the cleaner for my pergo floors and find it works so much better than white vinegar and water. I have pretty much replaced all my cleaning products with SN.
— Marianne W. Bloomsbury, NJ
I am a believer in Soap Nuts! Here is my story: after trying, for 15 years, every conceivable method to get the odor out of work-out clothes, I tried your Soap Nuts and they worked fabulously. The work-out clothes are so smelly, in fact, that we keep them in a separate hamper so they don’t infect the rest of the laundry. The first batch of clothes I used Soap Nuts on had been “brewing” for 6 days: damp, smelly, and really far gone down the path of gross. I remember saying to myself, “If these things work on this load, then they REALLY work!” I just followed the instructions, used 2 soap nuts in a bag with my front loader, in hot water, and I was amazed. We had tried hot water washes, pre-soaking in vinegar, ammonia, salt baths, special odor removers, super strong laundry detergents in all different brands. Our solution was to finally throw away the smelly t-shirts when they were no longer bearable. THANK YOU for bringing this product to us!
— Bess Waynesville, NC
I have been enjoying your soap nuts very much.

I have been using soap nuts for all of my cleaning, laundry and personal care for the past 5 years and find yours to be the best as they are most concentrated.

I look forward to my next purchase with you.
— Julie, VT
Subject: for the record....
soap nutz (MLH Laundry Pills) work beautifully on puke
— Catherine, FL
I have 2 pug dogs and they love all the blankets and beds strewn about the house for them. Your laundry pills are the best for getting the bedding clean and odor-free! I purchased your product while visiting a friend in North Carolina who does one of the same farmer’s markets as you and I’m as pleased as can be! I’m excited to know I can order more from you when I run out too!
— Pati W. Portland, OR
I recently met Mari while visiting my friend in Asheville, NC. I bought the soap, which I love, but the cleaning cloth is amazing! I really can`t believe it. Then my husband used it and he was blown away. If the word of this spreads your sales are going to go through the roof!. I will be buying these for Christmas gifts they are everything you said they would be. I am still in shock, but in a good way! Thanks for such a great discovery.
— Diane W.
Just bought my refill of Laundry Pills today, along with a starter jar to gift to my brother’s family for his house-warming gift. They are really going to love these pills. One added benefit to using laundry pills: They are space saving! No big, bulky plastic laundry detergent containers. Thanks!
— Angel E., Asheville, NC
I received some soapnuts capsules and had no expectations when I used them in my laundry.

Well, let me tell you. My laundry was so white and clean smelling that I took all my detergents the next day and gave them away.

I am a believer now!
— Wendy L., Asheville, NC
Worked GREAT on the cloth diapers I have! Thanks so much. I bought them [MLH Laundry Pills} and the dryer balls at The Big Crafty and am so glad I did.
— Mel L., Asheville, NC
It’s a great product and I love seeing the small jar sitting up on the shelf instead of the big plastic containers.
— Lisa A., Sharon, MA
Hi, just wanted to say that I bought a jar of your laundry pills at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville. They are fantastic! After the fair we spent a couple of days at a gem mine in Franklin NC. Now if you don’t know, NC is known for its red clay soils. I was covered with red clay. Your laundry pills got my jeans spotless! We are really impressed and when needed will be ordering refills. We especially like that it is good for septic systems, since we live in rural NH where there is no public sewer system.

Thanks for a great product!
— Josephine H., Rural NH