Q: Do I use laundry detergent with Mother’s Little Helper Laundry Pills?
A: No! The laundry pills are your detergent, softener, and deodorizer all in one!  Toss the  other junk out! 

Q: Do Mother’s Little Helper Laundry Pills work in a high-efficiency machine?
A: Yes, they are made for use in both HE and standard washing machines. HE machines typically need fewer pills.

Q: In a HE machine, do I put the pills in the detergent tray?
A: No, toss the pills directly in the drum at the beginning of the wash. Top loader: Water / pills / clothes. Front loader: clothes / pills / water. Easy enough... right? 

Q: I had an experience in my HE machine where the capsule did not dissolve completely and there was a gooey blob on my clothes at the end of the wash. Did I do something wrong?
A: Rarely in front loading HE machines the capsules can get caught on the outside of the "ferris wheel" and are not exposed to enough water / agitation to fully dissolve. The solutions that have been document are this... 1. open the capsules up and pour the powder directly into the machine, or 2. make certain to add clothes first, then the pills (directly in the drum.)  That way they are in the center of the spin and can dissolve properly. Problem solved.

Q: How many Laundry Pills do I use per load?
A: There is a chart on the label to help guide you as to how many capsules to use per load. It depends on machine / load type. The average HE load uses 2 capsules and for a standard machine, average is 2-3 capsules.

Q: Is there any scent left in my clothes when I use the Laundry Pills? 
A: None. The only thing you will smell is clean and fresh! If you prefer a scent add several drops of your favorite essential oil directly to the wash water or to an old sock and toss it in the washer or dryer. 

Q: Are the Laundry Pills safe for babies and those with sensitive skin? 
A: Yes, the laundry pills are 100% plant material (even the capsule) and are naturally hypoallergenic. Plus, they have been tested and reported to remove the odors associated with dirty cloth diapers and puke! 

Q: How do Laundry Pills compare in price to other natural laundry products?
A: Mother’s Little Helper Laundry Pills are competitively priced at an average price of 24 cents a load. But there is so much more value to the Laundry Pills because in addition to detergent, they are your softener and deodorizer as well. What a bargain! 

Q: What is the Laundry Subscription all about? 
A: Shecology just launched a unique, online laundry subscription service that will automatically send Refill packs to your door on the schedule you request.

Q: I don't see a lot of suds when I use the Laundry Pills. What's up with that?

A: Not to worry. Suds do not equal clean as P&G and J&J would have us believe. Just go on about your laundry business and see for yourself what comes out in the wash: Clothes that are clean and smell fresh!

Q: What is the shelf life of the Liquid Concentrate once I make it?

A: The soap nut liquid concentrate lasts indefinitely in the fridge (label a spray bottle or other container and keep it handy on the top shelf.) Non-refridgerated liquid concentrate stays potent indefinitely as well, but it can start to smell a little rank after a couple of weeks. Try making Freezer Nut Cubes - the frozen cubes are quite handy!!