About Shecology

Shecology is a business committed to making the world a cleaner place by ridding the planet of toxic chemicals found in household cleaners + laundry detergent and the plastic containers they are packaged in.  We manufacture and sell 100% natural soap nut based cleaning products packaged responsibly in containers intended for reuse / recycle.  

No plastic is our goal. And, because we refuse to sell liquid cleaners (which are 99.99% water) our products are lightweight, ultra-concentrated, and cost-effective. 

Each product manufactured and / or sold by Shecology has been thoroughly tested and approved by a cluster of classy cleaners with credentials including over 100 combined years of cleaning experience. We have high standards and stand behind everything that bears the Shecology name. 


Causes We ♥ Support

Organizations we support & donate money + products to:

♥  Women's Voices for the Earth: www.wve.org 
♥  World Wildlife Fund: www.worldwildlife.org 
♥  The Girl Scouts: www.girlscouts.org 
(and not just cookies :-)

♥  Full Circle Farm: www.fullcirclefarmsanctuary.org
♥  Environmental Working Group: www.ewg.org 
♥  Manna Food Bank: mannafoodbank.org
♥  Habitat for Humanity www.habitat.org 


About the Founder (In a Nutshell) 


- Mari Fox -
President of Shecology Inc 

Starting my own company and developing the most environmentally safe cleaning products on the market has been the most fulfilling challenge I have undertaken in my life.

It is the ultimate challenge to see how big I can grow my company and how many lives I can change for the better. The accompanying personal satisfaction I feel when people buy my products and switch to a healthier cleaning product alternative is indescribable.

I absolutely love what I do every day.

Mari's Mission

Mari Fox, President of Shecology, is passionate about preserving and improving the delicacy of nature, the planet, and all of its inhabitants. Shecology was started over 4 years ago and has developed into a manufacturer of unique, patent-pending, 100% natural plant-based cleaning products that have been tested and found to work better than traditional chemical-laden cleaners.  Every single person that switches over to using Shecology cleaning products represents a personal victory for the passionate and energetic founder. 

Mari grew up in Stratford, CT where she and her siblings were set loose in the neighborhood to explore woods, ponds, brooks, and surrounding meadows. Out in nature has always been the place she loves best. At the ripe age of 19 she joined the U.S. Army to travel the world and serve the country she loves. She lived abroad during these years and upon returning to the States she enrolled at the University of Georgia where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism / Advertising / Marketing.  She has a second Bachelor’s in Art Education from UGA and a Certificate of Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. 

Mari enjoyed a highly successful professional career as a Marketing Manager in North America for a large, international company all the while serving in the Army Reserves.

She is proud to be a Mother, Desert Storm veteran, Leader, and is now a self-proclaimed cleaning guru with a new mission!