What is a Soap Nut?

They're actually not "nuts" at all! These curious little pods are harvested, de-seeded, and sun dried fruit from the “Soapberry” tree native to Northern India and Southern Nepal. These towering, thickly vegetated trees are naturally organic because pests do not like the taste of their frothy fruit. 

Of all the varieties of soap nuts, Sapindus Mukorossi is the best for cleaning because it is loaded with the natural surfactant “saponin.” When dissolved in warm water saponin transforms into a foamy substance that removes dirt and odors from most any surface – from textiles to tennis shoes!  



Shecology Golden Soap Nuts


Shecology Golden Soap Nuts are 100% natural, safe for people, pets, and the planet, & gentle enough for people who are sensitive to chemicals and scents. 

Soap nuts clean, soften, and deodorize! Use them as-is, or make an Easy Liquid Concentrate to use as a multi-purpose cleaner for any dauntingly dirty chore.

♥ 100% Organic  ♥ Non Toxic  
♥ Anti-Bacterial  ♥ Hypoallergenic




Soap Nut Uses


 In addition to laundry detergent and cleansers, soap nuts have been used for centuries in the preparation of quality shampoos and body washes.

Here are a few of the most popular applications for cleaning with Shecology's Golden Soap Nuts:

Laundry ♥ Floors ♥ Stove Top ♥ Kitchen Counters       ♥ Fruit & Veggie Wash ♥ Dishes
 ♥ Bathrooms ♥ Pet & Horse Care ♥ Toys
♥ Carpets & Steam Cleaners 



Recipe / Instructions: Add 16 soap nuts to 2 c. gently boiling water. Stir, cover, and turn burner off. Let sit 1 hour minimum (longer is ok). Strain liquid and pour into bottle,  jar, or other storage container. Recipe can be altered up or down using the ratio: 8 soap nuts : 1 cup water. Refrigerate. 


Blue Ridge Naturally

In August 2013 Shecology became a flagship member of the Blue Ridge Naturally seal -- a program administered by the NCNPA ( North Carolina Natural Products Association ) and is an accountability standard that verifies the following: 

  • Verified as All Natural

  • Made or Grown using the Best Agricultural & Manufacturing Practices

  • Made or Grown in the 23 Counties of WNC

  • Traceable and if needed, tested for quality and potency

Visit the Blue Ridge Naturally site for more detailed information on the seal and 3rd party testing of Shecology Golden Soap Nuts.   


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