Laundry Pills: Bio-Bag Refills

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ziploc bag pills square_SM.jpg

Laundry Pills: Bio-Bag Refills

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 Mother's Little Helper Laundry Pills

Convenient, lightweight refill packs allows you to refill a glass jar and do your part to rid the planet of excess plastic containers! Refill your Shecology starter jar or use a jar of your own to keep the ultra moisture sensitive pills dry for long term storage. 

Instructions: Toss pills directly into drum of machine. The thin plant cap dissolves easily in most any laundry scenario (including HE front and top loaders and Standard washing machines.) Low-sudsing and ultra concentrated. 

Customer tip: In small, cold washes simply open the capsule up and put detergent in tray. 

  • 100 Pills / 33+ AVG LOADS fills 8 oz. glass jar
  • 300 Pills / 100+ AVG LOADS fits pint canning jar. 
  • 400 Pills / 133+ AVG LOADS fills pint canning jar. 
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