"It's so nice to find a product that really delivers, I am hooked."

I visited your booth at the Asheville City Market a few weeks ago and bought goat milk soap. The laundry pills were a sample to try and I enjoyed speaking with you about your products. Tried them at home, and WOW!!! I love these! Our laundry came out so clean and fresh. I have a top-load HE washer and these work so well....I will never buy laundry detergent again...it is so nice to find a product that really delivers, I am hooked!!
— Susan B., Apex, NC

An Uplifting Tale: Laundry Pills vs. Skunk

My dog had a run-in with a skunk  last week and this time she was sprayed good.  My husband took 4 of the laundry pills in a bucket of warm water and gave her a bath outside.  I also washed the towels and his clothes using the laundry pills.   I am very happy to say that the laundry pills took all of the skunk smell away.  So if anyone else has a run-in with a skunk just let them know that your laundry pills work!!!

Teresa B., Franklin, NC 

Photo courtesy of national geographic 

Photo courtesy of national geographic