"It's so nice to find a product that really delivers, I am hooked."

I visited your booth at the Asheville City Market a few weeks ago and bought goat milk soap. The laundry pills were a sample to try and I enjoyed speaking with you about your products. Tried them at home, and WOW!!! I love these! Our laundry came out so clean and fresh. I have a top-load HE washer and these work so well....I will never buy laundry detergent again...it is so nice to find a product that really delivers, I am hooked!!
— Susan B., Apex, NC

An Uplifting Tale: Laundry Pills vs. Skunk

My dog had a run-in with a skunk  last week and this time she was sprayed good.  My husband took 4 of the laundry pills in a bucket of warm water and gave her a bath outside.  I also washed the towels and his clothes using the laundry pills.   I am very happy to say that the laundry pills took all of the skunk smell away.  So if anyone else has a run-in with a skunk just let them know that your laundry pills work!!!

Teresa B., Franklin, NC 

Photo courtesy of national geographic 

Photo courtesy of national geographic 

"Laundry Pill Emergency!"

Hey! So I have discovered that your laundry pills are the ONLY thing I can wash Carys’ diapers in without her getting a rash! We have been battling rashes for months and I have gone through numerous types of natural cloth diaper detergents to no avail.

Then after buying the laundry pills at the expo, started using those again and voila! No rash. They ran out this week and I went back to the other kind I still have and instant rash occurred.

SO I am desperately in need of laundry pills! I would love to do the monthly subscription...
— Deborah W., Rutherfordton, NC