To be...Or not to be...Stinky?

That is the Question and Shecology has the answer! Mother's Little Helper® Laundry Pills clean, soften, and remove odors out of clothing like no other detergent on the market!! Are you a skeptic? Listen to what the head costumer of the local Shakespearean theatre troupe has to say. 

I am a costumer for several community theatres and local schools. When plays are running, the amount of laundry I have to do is phenomenal. As much as I love my actors, they get to smelling pretty ripe during the process. I also have worked with several actors who have severe sensitivity to laundry products and I have to be careful with their garments. The laundry pills are AMAZING!!! The smells are gone and I haven’t had one single issue with allergic reactions. You’ve got a fan for life.
— Renee H., Asheville, NC