"It's so nice to find a product that really delivers, I am hooked."

I visited your booth at the Asheville City Market a few weeks ago and bought goat milk soap. The laundry pills were a sample to try and I enjoyed speaking with you about your products. Tried them at home, and WOW!!! I love these! Our laundry came out so clean and fresh. I have a top-load HE washer and these work so well....I will never buy laundry detergent again...it is so nice to find a product that really delivers, I am hooked!!
— Susan B., Apex, NC

An Uplifting Tale: Laundry Pills vs. Skunk

My dog had a run-in with a skunk  last week and this time she was sprayed good.  My husband took 4 of the laundry pills in a bucket of warm water and gave her a bath outside.  I also washed the towels and his clothes using the laundry pills.   I am very happy to say that the laundry pills took all of the skunk smell away.  So if anyone else has a run-in with a skunk just let them know that your laundry pills work!!!

Teresa B., Franklin, NC 

Photo courtesy of national geographic 

Photo courtesy of national geographic 

To be...Or not to be...Stinky?

That is the Question and Shecology has the answer! Mother's Little Helper® Laundry Pills clean, soften, and remove odors out of clothing like no other detergent on the market!! Are you a skeptic? Listen to what the head costumer of the local Shakespearean theatre troupe has to say. 

I am a costumer for several community theatres and local schools. When plays are running, the amount of laundry I have to do is phenomenal. As much as I love my actors, they get to smelling pretty ripe during the process. I also have worked with several actors who have severe sensitivity to laundry products and I have to be careful with their garments. The laundry pills are AMAZING!!! The smells are gone and I haven’t had one single issue with allergic reactions. You’ve got a fan for life.
— Renee H., Asheville, NC