Hobbes: A Happy Boy

Shecology Dog Soap. With the beautiful weather this past weekend I decided to give my dog a much needed bath, which he hates but tolerates. I had a bar of Shecology dog soap and figured I would give it a try. Can’t tell you how much I loved it. I just got Hobbes good and wet and then rubbed the bar of soap all over him, which he actually enjoyed. Didn’t have to worry about getting the shampoo bottle open and putting too much or too little on him. He lathered up so well and all the soap rinsed off so easily. Not only is his fur so soft and shiny his skin is not dry and there was no shampoo residue. He smells and feels so clean. LOVE THE SOAP, won’t use anything else on him again. Added bonus, when the soap is gone there is no plastic bottle to recycle or worry about it getting into the landfill. I have also used the soap nut pills with my laundry and it totally removes all the dirty dog smells from his dog blanket. Love Shecology products. : )
— Karen E., Weaverville, NC