LOVING Laundry Pills at 87!

My mother thinks of cleaning as a hobby, and at 87 is still going strong. I may have told you that she lives in senior housing. She uses a cart to lug her laundry to the laundry room there, but the idea of having to buy those jugs of detergent and softener and what-not made me want to get her to try your products. I sent her everything I got from you that day that the North Asheville farmer’s market.

She loved the detergent and the dryer balls. She was tickled that she could put all the detergent she needed in her purse! She was thrilled with how light her cart was. No more having to put those heavy things in her shopping cart either! I’m going to sign her up for a “subscription” if I can, and if there isn’t one for a small quantity, then I might take on the task of becoming her supplier. She was amazed at how soft her clothes were with just the detergent and the dryer balls. She hasn’t tried the cloth or the soap yet, but I know she’s going to be hooked. Thank you so much for bringing these products into our lives. You have done something really amazing!
— Maria N., Asheville, NC