A toxic-free spray to get rid of ANTS.

As I learn about ways to reduce toxic chemical exposure in my life, I want to pass on the good news to all the folks interested in reducing their exposure too. Not all of my posts will have to do with cleaning! Here is something I tried the other day on small ants that starting invading my kitchen via the sliding glass door and it WORKS (and smells good.) 

Ant spray: 1 oz of water w/8-10 drops of peppermint essential oil and shake. Scale the recipe as necessary. Spray generously on the ants and the area they are entering from. 

Attend to the problem sooner rather than later. Why? The scouts are sent out first to patrol the area (my kitchen) before the whole colony invades. If the scouts don't return, after a few dude ants are lost, the colony will relocate (YES!!!) Retaliate immediately. Douse the first suckers you see with the peppermint spray and you might have a fighting chance against the whole lot. 

PLUS, my kitchen now smells like Christmas instead of RAID. I can breathe deeply (without exposure to cancer-causing chemicals) and put my sweet smelling weapon to rest. FIN.