PLEASE READ: Due to a worldwide shortage of the plant material grown and used in making the unique, quick-dissolving capsule in our Laundry Pills we are sad to report we are OUT OF STOCK of our most popular product until further notice and quite possibly until mid-2019. Please consider trying the loose powder we sell (same ingredients) as a substitute. You will love the results just as much! We have lowered the price of the Laundry Powder 66+ Loads to match that of the Laundry Pills as a gesture of wanting to keep your valued business. Thank you for considering our alternative. 

The World's First Laundry Pill !

NEW! A breakthrough in Natural Cleaning!
Smelly, dirty laundry got you down? Here's the cure: Mother's Little Helper Laundry Pills. A laundry room revelation and a completely new way to
clean all of your dirty laundry. 


♥  All Temperatures  ♥  All Machine Types  
♥  All Fabrics  ♥  100% Organic  
♥  Non Toxic  ♥  Anti-Bacterial  
♥  Hypoallergenic




What are These Little Laundry Pills?


Our Laundry Pills are all new and all natural.
Ultra-concentrated soap nut powder in an easy to use pill. Just toss them in the washer and be amazed at how clean, soft, and fresh smelling your clothes come out.

The patent pending blend of natural ingredients is powerful enough to make your laundry clean and odor free while gentle enough to soften and leave colors intact.

Visit the FAQ page for more information. 



Just the Facts


Naturally Free of toxic chemical cleaners, artificial coloring, and manufactured fragrances. No harmful discharge back into our water system! 

♥  100% Plant Ingredients (in a vegan capsule)
♥  Eco-Friendly Packaging w/Bio-Bag Refills
♥  Lightweight (no need for big plastic jugs)
♥  Custom waste reducing doses
♥  Space Saver in Laundry area



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