Shecology Goat Milk Soaps!

All natural, handmade Softening & Sanitizing Goat Milk + Soap Nut soap bars are a foamy and frothy bit of luxury in your bath or shower.

All natural, pure ingredients ensure a delightful, chemical-free cleaning experience for your skin. The soap nut powder adds gentle exfoliation to make you sparkle and shine on the outside as much as you do on the inside. 



What's so great about Goat Milk?


Goat milk makes great cheese, and helps to grow adorable baby goats, but it is also amazing for your skin! Goat milk naturally contains:

♥  Nourishing Vitamins to repair damaged skin!
♥  Naturally Moisturizing Fat molecules!
♥  Sun Damage Preventing Minerals!
♥  Gently Exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acids!

Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, goat milk, soap nut powder, water, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, and essential oils. 


Dogs love ♥ Goat Milk Soap Too!


Stinky Dog Soap! 

For the pampered yet pungent pup we have specially crafted a flea repelling Stinky Dog Soap!

The same all natural ingredients as the human version, just different essential oils. Your pet will smell fabulous and thank you later for not exposing their delicate skin and fur to harsh chemical laden shampoos.

♥  Fresh. Fluffy. Fabulous.



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